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Description:   A Java API for transparent access to instant messaging services. Currently supports AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! protocols, with more to come!!!

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Kommuni-K Kommuni-K is a complete communication system. It gathers many funtions into onesingle modularized client/server system : - Instant messaging (ICQ - like) - Chatrooms - Global file sharing (napster-like) - Bookmark sharing - GUI to netsoul

LiMIM Lightweight Mobile Instant Messenger is a Java platform-independent software to allow instant messaging between Mobile Phones and PCs. Specifically designed graphic-poor and with a low-bandwidth usage for use on a Internet WAP/GPRS connection.

Lucane Groupware Lucane is a free groupware platform written in Java, designed with extensibilty in mind. Bundled apps are instant messaging, file sharing, chat, forum, personnal notes, shared calendar, mail, todolist...

MSNre MSNre is a lightweight but powerful console-based MSN Instant Messenger clone.It has easy-to-use curses BitchX-like user interface and many features,including instant messaging, file transfer, complete contact list management, pager messages,...

Mail Hail Mail Hail is a mail notification agent for the Jabber instant messaging server. Mail Hail includes Hailbox, an experimental local mail delivery agent.

LEAPs LEAPs (LibwEb APplications) is a suite of plug-and-play community web site applications written based on the interfaces and frameworks defined in the Perl library/toolkit--LibWeb. It will have file manager, instant messaging, chat and more...

Open JMail API Open JMail is an email and messaging API written in Java. Using powerful abstractions it supports all email protocols while remaining flexible and extendible. This is for you who wants Java free source mailing.

Herald - an instant messaging client Herald is a portable instant messaging client for the MSN Messenger service. Herald will run on any platform supporting the Java 2 environment.

JXTA Instant Messenger JXTA Instant Messenger (J.I.M) is a project that aims to establish a server free, pure P2P Instant Messaging system. It is based on Java, JXTA (www.jxta.org) and the Java Cryptography Extension JCE and provides a nice Swing based GUI.

RSS - Instant Messaging Gateway The RSS-IM Gateway allows you to let visitors read your RSS feed through an Instant Messgaing client, using AIM, MSN, ICQ, YIM, or Jabber. A Perl application, it is very easy to set up and can easily handle the hundreds of users you can expect ...

HammerNode Client.NET A free implementation of a client for the HammerNode (hn.org) dynamic dns service using the Micorsoft.NET framework.

Hamsi Cover Hamsi Cover is extention for amarok 2.x.Your soung`s album cover copy to soung`s directory.This action is making on soung changing and click to 'Make icon to soung`s directory' named button. Automatic run on when song changed. (You selected seconds later)Icon automatically creates (you wanted name) ...

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